There is strength in seeking help, and together, we can navigate the challenges ahead.

Strength In Hope

There’s true strength in hope, and the hope that lasts gives lasting strength to cope, endure and heal.

Couple's Therapy

We help to rekindle passion and commitment as well as help those who are thinking about a deeper commitment.

Individual Therapy

individual therapy sessions are personalized to address your specific concerns, providing a confidential and supportive environment where you can explore your emotions, gain insights, and develop effective coping strategies to foster personal growth and well-being.

Couples Therapy

couples therapy offers a space for partners to enhance communication, deepen emotional connection, and navigate through challenges together, fostering healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Sessions will facilitate constructive dialogue and provide effective tools to strengthen bonds and create lasting, positive change within the relationship.


Family Therapy

our family therapy sessions are designed to foster understanding, empathy, and harmony within the family unit. We facilitate open communication, explore dynamics, and collaboratively work with family members to cultivate stronger relationships and build a supportive, resilient family structure.

Getting Your Bearings

 Here at Wojo Counseling we are dedicated to helping you heal and heal more completely from the pain of the past. We have a collaborative approach and work with your needs and your viewpoint.  

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Our Services

Here are some of the services we offer


We offer Individual therapy for those having trouble with anxiety, work related issues, directionless, grief/loss, infidelity and more.


We also offer Couple’s Therapy for those who are seasoned in their relationship as well as those who may be just starting out.

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