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You are intended to live your life with bold laughter, lasting- accepting love and intentional significance. These are often hard to attain through our efforts alone. We may drift off course or abandon it altogether when we don’t have the resources to maintain our own goals. The first step to change your direction is usually the most difficult but most important. I’m here to help you with your first steps and help you get to where you want to be in your relationships or your life in general.


My name is Mark Wojciechowski and I will help you, whether individual or couple, by designing a therapeutic approach that is as unique as the situations you bring. We will work together to attain the goals that will help you enjoy the journey towards the future you are hoping for.

Our Services

We offer therapy for couples and individuals. We specialize with individuals looking to improve their life and couples looking to forge and better, lasting and healthier relationships with each other.

We currently only offer telehealth services and have some availability now. 

Good Thoughts

Set your mind to think of the positive you’d like to accomplish within your life. We can help you defend against the Automatic Negative Thoughts. 

Future planning

When we get stuck it’s often because we didn’t plan to be where we are. We can help you formulate a plan for the future to be where you want to be 

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